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The First Small Step

I wrote this post back in January, right at the start of this journey. So much has happened since, but let’s start here.

28th January 2016

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. Time just got away with me. With all the sewing, fittings, emailing, markets, wedding fairs, updating social media, with all the paperwork and other time consuming parts of running a small business on your own, with being a wife and mother and, occasionally, doing the odd bit of housework, my old blog got neglected.

 Things are changing at Rockstars and Royalty and I’ve decided to start blogging again with my progress as I hopefully grow from a small, local sole trader business into something a lot bigger.

 Here’s how I took the first small step…

After months of planning and thinking this new idea through, talking it over with some friends, doing lots of research and doing a Facebook survey to get a little bit of feedback (without giving too much away) I was finally confident that my idea could be a valid business and I felt confident enough to take the first, tiny step. I knew that I didn’t have the knowledge or experience to do this alone, so  I applied for the Griffin Launchpad. I went into my interview armed with my ideas, my experience, my research, my survey results and a tummy full of butterflies. I’ve never felt such a strong mix of excitement and nerves at the same time. During my interview I think I got my ideas across and I left fairly happy with how it had gone and ready to play the waiting game to find out if my idea was strong enough to win me a place on the Launchpad. I was told that there were  8 places and 48 applicants, so I was really hoping that there weren’t 8 business ideas that had more potential than mine!

I didn’t have to wait long – I received an email the next day telling me that I had been given a place. I held my breath as I read it. This is the first step to making my dream a reality. I know it’s going to be a long journey and that I have a lot to learn along the way, but I’m hopeful that with the mentoring and connections that the experienced Griffin Launchpad team has, I can make this happen. I have 4 workshops with the Launchpad team coming up, along with regular mentor meetings to steer me on the right path and to see how I’m progressing, to refine my product and ideas, and to put in place the steps I need to make the idea work. I’m going to have to keep working on orders and doing markets for now as well – those bills still have to be paid! – so it’s going to take over my life. I apologise now to friends and family if I’m tired or if I can’t make dinners and social occasions. I apologise to my daughter that there will be less shopping trips and lunch dates for a while. But I have to follow this dream, and I hope I can grow it to reach the potential that I think it has. Here’s to the start of something exciting and hopefully life changing.





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