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Creating My First YouTube Video

Aviary Photo_131056045100260411.png

A big part of the new website will be the videos. I’ll be including practical, instructional videos on topics such as how to measure yourself, how to choose the right dress for your body type and how to choose the  right underwear for your dress. There will also be videos of the different dress designs so that you can see them moving, as well as styling and makeup advice and tutorial videos. To get the video series underway, I decided to create a YouTube channel. Part of the reason for doing this now is that I need to include videos with my application for the Griffin Accelerator and for a local government grant that I’m applying for. It also gives me the chance to talk about the new website and what you can expect, and for me to show the two new dress prototypes being worn and moving (the sparkles just aren’t the same in photos!).

I’ve never made a video before, so I put out a call for help to my friends. My lovely friend Kimi, who has a brilliant makeup tutorial YouTube channel called What Would Blair Do? kindly offered to help me. Go and subscribe to her channel. Her makeup tutorials are fabulous.

I thought it was probably best to write a script for the video to make sure that I didn’t forget to mention anything. I used my draft for my 1 minute pitch (I’ll write about that soon – it was my first ever pitch and it was exciting and terrifying at the same time!) and edited it a bit. I then got another generous friend, Shannon from The Click Brown Fox, to help me edit it. Shannon has a way with words and changed what I’d written to sound so much better. He’s also a talented photographer. Check out his work on his Facebook page and give him a like.

Armed with my two prototype dresses and my script, I turned up at Kimi’s house to film the video. Kimi has great lighting that she uses for her makeup tutorial videos and a lovely dark grey blank wall that we could film in front of. Kimi got the lights and camera set up while I finished getting ready.

Aviary Photo_131055149898974711

Above, Kimi setting up the lighting for the video.

I knew that I wouldn’t be able to remember the who script, so we filmed it in chunks. I’d memorise a paragraph at the time and we’d film in until I got it sounding how I wanted it to sound. They could all be edited together later. After all the script had been filmed we filmed some footage of me and Kimi wearing each of the dresses to edit into it later.

Aviary Photo_131055150436682993

Above, me wearing the first version of my ‘Roxy’ dress

After we’d filmed all the different bits, it was time to edit it all together. Kimi knows the editing program she uses inside and out and cut and joined all the bits together. I need to learn how to do this for my future videos. Once all the talking parts were joined together, Kimi added the images of the dresses where we wanted them to be, then added the web addresses for my Facebook page and this blog at the end. We kept watching it and doing little tweaks until I was happy with how it had all come together.

Aviary Photo_131055151688891842

Above, during the process of editing it all together.

Now we had a video it was time to upload it to YouTube and launch my new Rockstars and Royalty channel. Below is the finished video. I’m very happy with how it turned out considering that I’ve not done anything like this before. Let me know what you think. And if you have any tips for filming and editing videos for YouTube, I’d love to hear them

Vicky x


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