Hi, I’m Vicky from Rockstars and Royalty and I design and make one-off special occasion dresses. I’ve been working one-on-one with clients for the past 18 years to design and make their gowns.

I moved to Australia from the UK in 2007 and started Rockstars and Royalty in 2008. Since then I’ve grown a loyal following. I now get so many enquiries about my dresses, from all over the world, that I’ve decided that it’s time to take Rockstars and Royalty online.

I’m creating a new range of dresses that will be available to buy on my new website. Each dress design will have lots of fabric, style and embellishment options to choose from so that you can customise your dress to be exactly how you’d like it. The designs will be available in a large range of standard and custom sizes.

I’ve started this blog to document my journey of taking this website from an idea into reality. I’ll share how I’m making it happen and what does and doesn’t work. Hopefully I’ll help inspire you to take a risk and follow your dreams as well.

Please comment and share your experiences or give me your feedback on my plans. I’d love to hear your opinions on my ideas and progress and if you think I’ve missed something important or haven’t mentioned something that you’d like to see on the new site, just let me know.

Vicky x




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